#12 The Walking Dead Season 1 Save Files (The Telltale Definitive Series)

I love Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. It has the emotional and heavy decision making that challenges our minds to think and make judgement that we are either proud or regret.

I planned to finish the entire series during this summer holidays but that didn’t work as I had to reformat my PC and that means I have to replay it all over again.

Man, I tell you playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead is again and again is really time consuming. I believe many people out there like you might have experienced the same thing like me.

So here’s a screenshot of all the choices I made during Season 1 and 400 days episodes. If your choices are similar like mine you can just download the save files with links below:

Episode 1 choices

Episode 2 choices

Episode 3 Choices

Episode 4 Choices
Episode 5 Choices
400 days episode choices

400 days survivors who went with Tavia

Season 1 All 5 episodes save file

Season 1 All 5 episodes + 400 days episode save file

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