#4 IT Ticketing Sticker for Student Email Request

A late midnight itch to find out what are the latest productivity apps for my iPad. Evernote was No. 53 in the Productivity ranking. 4 years ago, I kept all of my notes and documents in Evernote and found this design I made when I first took the role as EdTech under the IT department.... Continue Reading →

#3 Steam Controller Startup modes

Credit to u/swimmertoo0812 Accessed 13th April 2021 Source here I own a Steam Controller and often I forgot the startup modes embedded. Putting in my website for my easy reference and of course any future people who needs it.

#2 Village Grocer: Grocery Bag

Village Grocer: Grocery Bag Cost: RM 2.99 (as of 11th April 2021) I got three more days till my Spring holidays ending. Went to Grocers to start working on a healthy eating routine. Just a short entry to appreciate this recent liking of mine on collecting good quality grocery bag. I hope I will keep... Continue Reading →

#1: Am I ahead of the curve?

I was reading Learning Speed: What Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, And Bill Gates Know That Most People Don’t (article here) and got myself wondering am I ahead of the curve? Thinking in my own career, personal finances and creativity, at some point I am ahead of many people around my age at least. Apart from... Continue Reading →

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