#7 That wisdom in a conversation

Source by Mimi Thian (Unsplash)

Met someone, and she asked whether I understood how to develop adult learning content as a learning/instructional designer.

She gave me several products that could create online learning contents. She emphasised I must know how to develop interactive contents for adult learning.

I spent 30 minutes explaining what I have created for adult self-learning content for teachers that included: 

  • text reading, 
  • clickable links to engage deeper learning, 
  • quizzes and forms, forums and discussions, 
  • used photoshop to develop solutions that the client was not able to provide, 
  • and of course, video solutions for viewing and discussions

Most importantly, I mentioned CAMTASIA, a similar software as per their advertisement. 

She wanted to know whether I am familiar with the three software that industrial and corporate e-learning usually uses. I couldn’t remember what the first two was, but I know Adobe Captivate visually. It was basically PowerPoint but clickable and interactive, I mentioned I have zero experience with it, but I am familiar with what it can achieve.

She did not look convinced, and at that moment, I knew she wanted something else. 

Truthfully… which adult actually uses these? To me, adults learn through discussions, showing (off) and demonstrating what they know, and provide them with a platform to express themselves. Extrinsically motivating them to be recognised within their institutional learning just by contributing their corporate ideals. 

Maybe she really knows what talent she wanted. I obviously do not possess the required learning curve for the task. Perhaps she could not afford to take the risk or time investing mistakes after being newly acquired by a parent company. 

Anyhow, I really felt confident in that conversation. At one point, I wanted to hire these talents into my department some time ago. Looking at the bright side, during the whole process, I get to learn two pedagogical methods, specially for learning designers:

  1. Redeker Taxonomy
  2. Guerra Scale

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