#5 That lecturer…

I just remembered a lecturer I had that given me a poor score just because I did my research by citing both US and UK sources.

I remembered clearly that there were no rules or indications that I have to follow a strict country based research required by the university.

I know the lecturer can demand for it, if the study topic requires a focused geolocation and origin of idea. You would have thought a seasoned lecturer would have advised you with a good answer, yet, the lecturer’s reasoning was because my University is a UK University, hence I have to cite only UK authors or publishers. The lecturer said this was how she practiced her credentials. She maybe true, but that was her time and possibly not applicable to my field of studies.

Regardless, I consulted my at the time study adviser, and he clearly told me there were no such nonsense and I should inform my lecturer to re-evaluate my essay.

Well I didn’t. I was too tired, tired of work, tired of arguing, tired of my failing weekends.

Why this random thought?


I wish my younger self was a little more assertive and I could have gotten more in my monthly allowance and gotten that FULL scholarship, rather than partial scholarship due to that poor paper.

This reminds me to re-read my own degree papers some day and recall what I had learned in my education as a teacher.

Time to dig into my old abandoned archives.

The KangKang OneDrive.

#lifeasateacher #university #lecturer #phd #teachereducation

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