#4 IT Ticketing Sticker for Student Email Request

A late midnight itch to find out what are the latest productivity apps for my iPad. Evernote was No. 53 in the Productivity ranking.

4 years ago, I kept all of my notes and documents in Evernote and found this design I made when I first took the role as EdTech under the IT department.

One of my advocates task was to support students in getting and resting their student emails and passwords.

At that time, I remember the experience of working as an ICT teacher for the Primary and Middle Years students and how often they forget their login details.

Thus, overcoming that forgetfulness of my students, I took the time to design this sticker so that whenever students came visiting the IT for me and my colleague, Seri, then they will have this sticker pasted on their IB planner.

I remember strongly that I’ve only distributed 100 of these. Did not have the time to print and cut out for students as both myself and my colleague gotten busier and took more important for the department. Primarily, it was because the stickers was from my own personal funds, a little experiment of mine for fun.

If you like to edit this, you can download it below:
link here (AdLink – you might want to pause your Adblock – just trying to earn a few cents in exchange for the free stuff): https://direct-link.net/31158/TicketTemplate

#itticket #studentemail #edtech #techteacher #illustrator #adobe

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